The Story of Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta

Unique Children’s Music & Entertainment in the Denver area

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta offers a unique musical experience for children to join in, engage with and express themselves.  Children sing, dance, laugh and play along with original and traditional songs through live performances and award-winning music CDs.  Katherine Dines is a children’s music entertainer in Denver designing each show and song to appeal to children of many age groups, and specializes shows to blend with school programs, library events, parties and more.

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta began with a famous saying from Katherine’s grandmother that always got all her grandchildrens’ attention.  “KICK-ta-bill-icky/ALL-uh-guh-LOCK-sta/HUNK-TA-BUNK-TA Boo. Yooooo-Hooooo!” she would call, and all the children would come running.  It’s at least 200 years old and to this day, nobody knows where it came from or exactly what it means.  To all of the children it was a fun phrase they would never forget, and to Katherine it was inspiration for years of spectacular children’s musical entertainment.

Bring these fun stories and songs to your home with one of the 11 award-winning Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta CDs or see the bookings and programs page to bring an amazing performance to your school, library, community center or home. If you have any questions for children’s music entertainer Katherine Dines, please feel free to contact her today!