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Packed with participation, Katherine engages audiences with movement, story songs, sign language, sing-alongs, percussion, zany props and more, for a uniquely entertaining and educational experience. Birthdays, families, schools, libraries, festivals, corporate events and more.


Ed Contreras plays a wide variety of rhythmic instruments from around the world; multi instrumentalist, Brian Mullins adds many stringed instruments, flute, jaw harps and even a tuba; and the talented Chadzilla Johnson, brings bass, flugelhorn and electric guitar/keyboards. All three musicians make up Katherine’s band.


Why does music always end up in the background?  These 45-60 minute presentations focus on the unexplored impact of sound and music on the lives of young children. Groups will experience a variety of powerful music activities to help build learning skills and ways to integrate music into curriculum standards.


Two hour, half or full day. Explore the latest findings about music and the brain, and learn how sounds and music effect us. New songs, materials, ideas and methods for integrating music into curriculum are presented including: hands on-activities, a make-and-take, creativity adventures, songwriting, listening exercises, rhythm and movement games and more.

Performing for library audiences is an important part of Katherine’s work, because music is a direct gateway to literacy, and what better place is there  to develop literacy than a library!

Music assemblies are 45 to 60 minutes in length and are highly participatory. They can be targeted to specific age groups or presented to an entire school (pre-K-5th/6th with maximum of 500 students). Assemblies are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the songwriting process, while thoroughly engaging them in learning through call-and-response, zipper songs, American Sign Language, zany props, humor and movement. Adequate time is allotted for questions.


0-24 Months. Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta FUNsies! – This workshop is for parents, caregivers and babies/toddlers from four to 24 months.   Participants will learn a number of songs and activities created to develop baby’s earliest skills through music and movement.  Bounces, claps, taps, lap-sits, tickles, sound awareness, and more activities that enhance brain and motor development.

1-3 Years.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta TODDLER TIME – Parents, care-providers and their toddlers explore a host of musical activities (rhythm, sounds, finger plays, small and gross motor skills) created to help boost coordination, brain and motor development.  Participants will stretch, march, hop, jump, spin, bend and crawl.  Solid rhythms and simple singable lyrics will help toddlers build phonemic awareness along with pre-reading skills.

Pre-K-6 Years.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta KINDERS!  – Designed to help develop pre-literacy, small and gross motor and other learning skills, this workshop motivates minds and activates bodies of young children ages 3-6.  Beginning with a short circle time warm-up, children move around and across the room to songs and rhythms and end the session with a creative cool down.

K-1; 2nd-5th Grades.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta SOUNDS!  Students listen to, try to identify and then emulate a series of unusual sounds collected and recorded from different parts of the world.  An interesting array of unique musical instruments from other cultures are demonstrated in this hands-on workshop.  This is also successful with older grades (4-5th) with focus on ethnic cultures, natural history and geography.

K-5th Grades.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta MAKIN’ MUSIC! –  Choose one instrument for everyone to make from a list of 22; make it then play it along with a song.  (All designs use inexpensive materials and/or found or recycled objects.  Complete materials list provided).

3rd-5th Grades.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta CHANTS –  Explore the history behind many interesting phrases, rhythmic chants and songs from around the globe. Presentation includes: a welcome chant (Ghana), field holler (US east coast), sea shanty (Ireland), chain gang (US south), washing day (Jamaica), clapping game (Brazil) sheep-shearing (Scotland) and several stories about them.

K-5th Grades.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta BULLY PROOF!  This workshop inspires students to modify their reactions toward bullish behavior through songs and musical activities.  The songs and participatory activities encourage cooperation, acceptance and kindness.

K-5th Grade Levels.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta WRITE-A-SONG! – A group of students create their own song (lyrics and melody) and record it.  In smaller groups and in longer residencies where time allows,  students may write and record their own songs.   In longer programs or residencies, students will have an option to choreograph and perform their song. This works well for PTO and events.  (Study Guide provided upon request).

Pre-K-5th.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta BOOGIE! –  Traditional chants from around the world and original songs that actively engage audiences with singing and movement.

3rd-5th Grades.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta WACKY WORDS!  – An English language adventure through songs, visual props, movement, and musical activities. Pronouns, adjectives, punctuation, clichés, some Sign Language, reading, writing and more.

4th-5th Grades.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta SELF ESTEEM – A lively combination of songs and music activities especially designed to foster self-esteem.

All Ages with Special Abilities.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta YES I CAN!Music is a language of its own and can reach and teach any population.

65 Years and Up.  Hunk•Ta•Bunk•Ta SENIORS! – Senior citizens enjoy any of the above workshops, with specific modifications to fit mobilities.  This can also be presented as a multi-generational event along with grand and great grandchildren.


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