The Year of The Tiger!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here in the US the New Year is celebrated on the same date every year: January 1st. The Chinese celebrate the New Year, on a different date every year because it’s based on the Lunar calendar. Chinese New Year starts on a new moon, when the moon is between the earth and sun and it appears to be dark in the night sky.

In China, it is celebrated for an entire month and is the most heavily traveled month of the year. Also known as Spring Festival it’s a time for sharing family gatherings, housecleaning, sharing gifts and large meals. The year you are born is associated with an animal:  Rat, Ox, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon. Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster and Chicken, Dog and Pig.

2022 is the Year of The Tiger and it starts today, Feb 1st and will run through Jan 21st of 2023. A fun fact is that in China, the Tiger is known to be a symbol of braveness and strength and is a representation of good luck and fortune. With all that has happened over the past two years, we can all use some strength and braveness!

To learn the full story of the Tiger watch this short video:


In addition, the year of the Tiger represents change and transformation. It is said that this is a time to consider adventures and taking risks! What does that mean to you? As we live through this year let’s ask ourselves how we can draw on our innermost strengths and add some adventures into our everyday actions.

At the moment, I am embarking on a personal adventure, by working to help provide housing for a family of Afghani refugees. Surely, they have taken untold risks just to arrive safely in our country. Talk about an adventure!

This May I will be celebrating a BIG birthday, and since I love adventure, my beloved has planned a big one for me.  You’ll have to wait until June to find out just what the adventure was because I am being surprised. The only thing I know is that I will be going somewhere in this world for a whole month, (providing we CAN travel). If not, I will look forward to staying right at home.

As a songwriter, teaching artist and educator, I love celebrating and learning about different cultures, which sparked the development of my last CD, Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta HOLIDAYS: Songs and Stories that Celebrate Global Light. On that album is a wonderful story about “Nian” which and a song to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Grrrrrrrr.  May you live like a tiger this 2022.

Click the CD cover below to listen to Nian:

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