A Dolphin’s Song- My Great Adventure!

Last month, I embarked on an amazing adventure with wild dolphins. Not only was it a great escape to the tropics but also into the underwater world, (one of my favorite places). Plus, the dolphins taught me a lot. Many people think that dolphins are more intelligent than humans. They have large brains, very complicated social lives and can communicate using a combination of clicks and squeaks. Besides that, they are exquisitely graceful and truly amazing animals!

The three species are Spinner Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins:


Bahamas, Grand Bahama Bank, Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) underwater

Bahamas, Grand Bahama Bank, Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) underwater


WildQuest, is a retreat center located in Bimini, (Bahama Islands) and they manifested our remarkable adventure. They have been around for 17 years, and work very hard for 30 weeks out of every year. The loving WildQuest team includes two ship captains, a wonderful cook, photographer, yoga instructor, several competent deckhands and an administrator. All of them met at an Ashram in India, and 5 are from the Czech Republic.

Our group was coordinated by animal communicator Terri O’Hara. http://www.animalwize.com. All together for 5 full days, 20 of us (most of us complete strangers) sailed the seas in a catamaran in hopes of being able to swim and experience being with dolphins in the wild. Thanks to the Wildquest Team we were able to swim with them every day we were there (except one during the hurricane that eventually missed Bimini by 160 miles). Dolphins of all ages and sizes swam up to the boat and literally played and showed off their abilities for sometimes up to an entire hour! They were extremely sociable and engaging, and interacted with everyone in our group. Perhaps the most incredible experience was this: One in our group was a stage 4 cancer survivor and a wonderful mother and wife. She had come on this trip with her daughter as a “bucket” item on her list. I felt an immediate bond with both of them. The first day we were in the water, four female dolphins and their babies appeared out of nowhere and swam around the mom and her daughter. There was no explanation and we never saw them again. Somehow the dophins knew just what to do though. And the mom and her daughter had a very healing experience and time together.

When dolphins communicate, it sounds like a symphony! Using chirps, high pitched noises and squeaking they have an elaborate language! They use it to help determine their surroundings, to call to and communicate with one another and they use echolocation to evaluate exactly where objects are. Some scientists think that echolocation can determine the where abouts of objects up to ½ a mile away!

Individual dolphins have their own unique sounds. Just as you and I have our own voices, so does each and every dolphin. They utilize their blowholes, air sacks and valves, and their sounds can even enable different species of dolphins to communicate!  Take a listen here to hear Dolphin Sounds.

I can’t wait to learn more about these amazing musical creatures.

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