When I see leaves changing colors and starting to fall from trees, I don’t think of them as dying, rather I think of the changing seasons and the potential for rebirth. “Turning over a new leaf” is a well-known phrase, and perhaps Autumn inspires us to do just that: begin anew. Maybe it’s a time to make changes.  Meditate, start a hobby, create a different way of thinking, learn a new skill, etc.

Autumn is a time when days are warm, nights are chilly, and weather is unpredictable. For some it’s like leaves in the wind— a flurry of activities, shuffling children back and forth from school and extracurricular schedules, frenzied holiday preparations and crunching projects in before winter comes. For others, it’s a time of reflection, delving inside, snuggling down and an overall quieting. Leaves themselves are symbols of a life force. And much like food provides sustenance for our bodies, leaves provide sustenance for life and renewal here on earth.

Now that November’s here and the winter season is approaching, I find new energy reflected in the leaves. Each one is unique, and each one falls from its tree in its own rhythm and time, then dances its way through the wind or down to the ground.

My own creativity is constantly inspired by different landscapes. Many lyrics, rhythm patterns, chants and Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta songs come from the beauty of the natural world surrounding us. And, for that reason, I spend a lot of time outside. This Autumn in Colorado is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Usually by now, one or two snowstorms would have swept all the leaves off the trees and left them bare and shivering.  This year, the leaves are still hanging on their branches, in stunning colors and all shades of yellow, green, brown, reds, orange and maroon. So this year’s Autumn leaves inspired me to write this song:

By the way, I am learning many wonderful signs in American Sign Language and incorporating some of them into my work.  I encourage you to use Sign Language. It’s not only good for your brain and developing hand/eye coordination, it’s a beautiful way of communicating.  And often, one sign transitions perfectly into another— just like leaves do in Autumn.



By Katherine Dines

2021 Kiddie Korral Music, ASCAP

Pretty autumn leaves,

Dancing in the trees.

Yellow orange and brown,

Falling to the ground.


Sailing through the sky,

Morning, noon and night.

Landing in the street,

Beneath my feet.


All the trees are bare.

Leaves are everywhere!

How I love to run..

And hear them crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch!


Winter winds are cold

Soon there will be snow

Covering the leaves

Until they sleep…

And wait for Spring!

Aside from the joyful sounds of leaves crunching, here are some fun leaf-centered activities that you can do together with your children.

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