California Dreaming

I just wanted to share a small photo journal from my road trip/ California Tour a few weeks back. As I left Denver to start the long  journey ahead, not only was I excited to capture my trip via photos, but it also made me start thinking about the great, classic sound of California!

As I left CO the first things I saw were Rocky Mountain sheep grazing on the foundation of this home:






I soon made my way to Utah, where I stopped for a day to take in the beauty of the mountains and Great Salt Lake.  There is something inspiring about Utah’s crisp air, stark red rocks and scenic roads:






I then entered the desert! There, I came across a lot of open land, much of which was scarred by ATV tracks:






Finally, I made it to California!!






Understandably, the first thing that comes to mind musically, is the Beach Boys! How did they create such a novel beach sound? In my mind, they defined the sound of California. It’s incredible how one can decipher it within the first two seconds of listening to a Beach Boys’ song. They accomplished a dream that all creative artists strive for: to stand out, create something original and have others receive and accept it. Songs like California Girls, Good Vibrations, Surfin USA, I Get Around, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Little Deuce Coup, Help Me Ronda, Surfin Safari and California Dreamin are just a few songs that achieved the notoriety that I associate with the California lifestyle. Being an “outsider,” a.k.a someone who is not from CA, the Beach Boys were always successful at painting a beautiful picture of this “dreamy place.”

By the time I arrived in beautiful Santa Barbara, I was definitely in a “California State of Mind.” And especially excited about this tour because I was able to establish some great new relationships with libraries I had performed in several years ago. I tend to love these smaller tours because Libraries play such a vital role in early childhood development and their communities. Being an advocate for literacy and the creative arts, it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when the importance of musicality is acknowledged. I was honored to play at the Eastside Library, followed by Goleta, and Santa Barbara’s main Library. Next, I made my way to Carpinteria, followed by Montecito. Lastly, I climbed my way north, ending the tour with the San Luis Obispo and Atascadero Libraries. It was a great week of shows, and although a long drive, truly relaxing because I was in that CA state of mind! All the kids and their parents (I did 2 shows for babies) seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performances and I got to interact with captivated audiences. The smiling faces and overall beauty of this road trip made me want to return again and again.

Please take a peak into the journey!

A photo album from my road trip can be found here: Road Trip to CA

A photo album of my performances can be found here: CA Tour: Show Performances


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