Chinese New Year Festive Tune: Version 1

The Chinese lunar calendar,

Is an ancient wonder, it’s true–

Their New Year lasts for fifteen days

And ends with the brightest moon.

Connected to a dozen animals,

Plus one of five elements too:

Earth, metal, fire, water or wood,

Mark the year you were born into!


Buddha blessed twelve animals

With a year and special traits

Horse, dog, dragon, monkey, rooster, pig

Rat, rabbit, tiger, ox, or snake

This is the Year of the Wooden Goat,

You are sensitive, creative and sweet,

Though depending on which Chinese chart

You might be a ram or sheep!


Do not sweep or wash your hair

Pick a quarrel or fight

For if you do you’ll sweep your luck away

And you’ll argue all day and night.


1955, 2015, or 2075

Every sixty years that wood goat reappears–

If you are still alive!

And whether it’s bound to fire or wood,

Water, metal or earth…

The Chinese New Year celebrates

The incredible year of your birth.

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