Grammy Time….

Each year; as Grammy season approaches, I get excited for all those who have been nominated in the Children’s Category. It’s always fun to listen to fellow musicians, acknowledge their talent and then see their hard works recognized in such a momentous way. The great diversity of music and styles is really exciting too—especially in this particular category. To be a voting member of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences- ttps://, you have to have had 12 physical or digital tracks of recorded music released commercially in the US through traditional distribution channels or recognized on-line music retailers. There are 2 other categories of membership- Associate and Student.  As a voting member, you can vote in 20 categories, and believe me, it takes HOURS of careful listening!

There are currently 30 fields of music (Gospel, Rock Pop, Classical, etc) in the Grammy’s and 83 categories within those fields.  In the children’s category alone, I listened to well over 40 recordings that were sent to me.  Most nominees this year are artists I’ve met or know of in the industry. But new faces and talent come into our sphere frequently these days, particularly as soon as people discover what a great community it is!

Writing, creating, producing and performing music takes time, patience and talent. I love sharing my own gift of music with listeners. Although I was a Grammy finalist many years ago (in fact that is what got me into writing music for children in the first place), 5 of my 11 albums have been nominated, and all of them together have garnered 37 national awards, I haven’t had a submission for a Grammy award for 6 years.  However, in 2017 I finally will! My 12th album, “Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta JOY” is a record of original songs and stories that celebrate the coming of light.

Meanwhile, I know these terrific acts below are thrilled to be nominated, and I wish each and every one of them the best of luck.  They are all Grammy-worthy recordings.


2016 Children’s Album Nominations

“¡Come Bien! Eat Right!,” José-Luis Orozco
“Dark Pie Concerns,” Gustafer Yellowgold
“Home,” Tim Kubart
“How Great Can This Day Be,” Lori Henriques
“Trees,” Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly

Here’s what people are saying:

“¡Come Bien! Eat Right!,” José-Luis Orozco

“A fine musician, composer, and educator, José-Luis Orozco has an “impeccable pedigree” in bilingual music education. With 40 years of solid experience, his sixteenth record is a new release via Smithsonian Folkways. ¡Come Bien! Eat Right!, is solid and bilingual album that engages listeners while offering a fun and educational approach to healthy eating (September 18 release date).”


“Dark Pie Concerns,” Gustafer Yellowgold

“Like the title of this recording, Gustafer is a fascinating “artist” in the truest sense of the word in that he is considered “alternative.” Why?  Because his performances include equal parts of music and visuals— somewhat bizarre animated illustrations that synch to the songs. By themselves, the film and the songs hold their own– both are fascinating to the ears and eyes of many age groups.”


“Home,” Tim Kubart
“Home” is a follow-up album from Tim Kubart and his band of Space Cadets, to their full-length debut “Anthems for Adventure.” The host of Sprout’s “Sunny Side Up,” and “Tambourine Guy” from Postmodern Jukebox, Tim’s personality carries well on screen and aurally. This album includes some fun sing-along choruses, very hooky pop rifts, and lyrics many people can connect with. It’s a special everyday album that celebrates the best part of many lives growing up: home.”


“How Great Can This Day Be,” Lori Hendriques.

“Lori’s jazzy collection includes giddy-going happy songs. Lyrically, her optimism shines through and the simplicity goes far to reach children conceptually. Many artists new to the field try the “more is better” approach musically and lyrically, but really if they studied children and knew what they connect with, it’s simplicity. Even so, Lori’s arrangements are full and elegant, and all ages will enjoy this recording.”   day-be-1/s-yQlNv


“Trees,” Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly.

“Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly have created a terrific album that is edutainment” at its best.  Produced by the sought-after Kindie artist/producer Dean JonesTrees is packed with tasty instrumentation. The record is chock-full of information about trees, with some hilarity and even longing about them thrown into the mix. Trees offers a brand new perspective on one of our most common natural wonders—trees.”

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