With A New Year, Comes Reflection

As 2016 peeks around the corner, it’s fun to reflect on the past year.

Musically I started and ALMOST finished a “new” album I’ve been working on for 5 years! At least it has a title, “ Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta JOY.” It took my brain in so many directions, there seemed no way to finalize the presentation. I initially wrote it combining traditional Christmas songs; then as a narrated piece with all the history about various carols ; next as a whimsical musical starring Santa as an alien, then finally, and once and for all, a collection of original and traditional songs and spoken word that celebrate the coming of light.

I started another album mid-summer called “Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta BUCKAROO” (obviously a western theme), then got distracted during several songwriting residencies and other life-pausing events. I sold a residence where I had lived for 16 years, bought a new home with a very large yard, moved aging parents into a tiny apartment, managed a working ranch, and nurtured several friends and families consumed by catastrophic losses.

To say it has been quite the year would be an understatement. I am just thrilled to get back to the other side of my work reality.

I was honored to co-present a 3-hour workshop at the NAEYC—National Association for Education of Young Children in Orlando this past year, along with Children’s Book and Library Specialist, Kathy Klatt, something we plan to expand. And my board position Children’s Music Network continues to demand time and energy. I also have two other board positions—CO Nature Conservancy and Compassion and Choices.  I am passionate about my works in these communities: music and children, nature and environment and yes, even the right to choose how and when we die.

When it comes to blogging, perhaps I should be even more focused on music, but I also enjoy contemplating and discussing the world on other levels. I think variety brings more depth to my work as a songwriter. What do you think?

In 2016, I plan to work more with my trio, Ed Contreras (Global Percussionist) and Brian Mullins (multi-instrumentalist). Just like the board diversity described above, I enjoy the interplay and depth other musicians bring to my work. I’m also thinking about becoming more visual by creating more multi-media for some of my musical performances.

Until next time, Happy New Year and may you and yours continue to follow the light.

Katherine Dines

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