RoundGlass Music Awards

A new discovery for me this year was the “RoundGlass Music Awards”.  I was invited to attend the event by one of my Facebook friends Wouter Kellerman. Wouter is on the board of RoundGlass, travels the globe and is a fantastic composer, producer and flautist based in South Africa. He and Ricky Kej, another incredible composer, producer and conservationist  won a Grammy in 2015 for their album, Winds of Samsara in the New Age category, and it’s a gem. It was an honor to attend and to find a community that truly celebrates those who are making global impacts with their music. PLUS, they have a category for Best Children’s Song– often unrecognized in today’s music genres. Two of my friends Valeri Smalkin  and Mister G  were nominated in that category and it was exciting to see their names.

The RoundGlass Awards were launched in an effort to unite musicians and communities who create music with themes in social good and responsibility. I liked that there was so much more to celebrate other than receiving an award. They award music specifically focused on Peace, Environmental Consciousness and Wellness.

Here are the 2018 RoundGlass Award recipients:

Enlightened Musician of the Year- Atmasfera for In the Depth

Song of the Year- Ringo Starr & Friends for Now the Time Has Come

Best Electronica Song- BT for LSTM (Extended Mix)

Best Spoken Word Single- J.ournal (Feat. Jennifer Thomas) for Nine Twelve

Best Jazz Single- Carmen Lundy for Kumbaya

Best American Roots Song- Ronny Cox for Bus to Baltimore

Best Children’s Song- Aterciopelados for Soy la semilla nativa

Best Classical Music Recording- Michael Lewin for Estampes: lll. Jardin sous la plui (Claude Debussy)

Best Music Video- Jessica Kelly for Little Thing

Best Ambient / New Age Song- Josefine Opsahl & Trine Opsahl for Drifting on Silky Clouds

Best Pop Song- Ringo Starr & Friends for Now the Time Has Come

Best Rock Song- Kato Hafez for Belad ElAkhlaq (Land of Morals)

Best World Music Song- Ila Paliwal for Holi

Best Contemporary Instrumental Single- Charles Denler for Dancing Light


Interested in the red carpet arrivals? Check out the photos!




There are multiple definitions and perspectives of what constitutes Wellness Music. We are looking for your personal interpretation. This could be in any genre or form, something you truly feel brings about wellness of the individual or community in any form.



Songs or instrumentals in any genre about Conflict Avoidance, Anti-War Themes, Philosophical debates, Freedom from disturbance, Tranquility, or just Personal Inner Peace.



Songs or instrumentals in any genre celebrating Nature, the Environment, Wild-Life, Bio-diversity or songs of activism.

But to really understand the beginning of RoundGlass Music Awards and it’s ultimate intention, have a look at the actual RoundGlass site, which encompasses a greater global vision for health, wellness and education… as well as music.

I am so happy to have found this community and although much of it is located in India, I am sure it will begin to ring around the globe in a very short time. Thank you Sunny Singh, Ricky Kej, Wouter Kellerman and all those involved in RoundGlass



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