SPOOKTACULAR Halloween with Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta: SPOOKY


Do you know the origin of Halloween? Halloween spun out of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, the new year! The festival was a tradition where people would wear costumes and light bonfires in an effort to keep ghosts away. The holiday was associated with death because this day marked the new harvest and beginning of the dark and cold winter. Pope Gregory III named November 1st a day to honor saints, or “All Saints Day.” The celebration of this day took some traditions of Samhain. Because of this, the night before was deemed “All Hallows Eve,” and then Halloween.


Want to learn about the “SPOOKTACULAR History of Halloween” for Children? Be sure to click HERE and learn about Jack-o-lanterns, Tick-Or-Treating, Bonfires, Witches & Cauldrons, Black Cats & Broomsticks, Bats & Spiders and Orange & Black!


One of my favorite tales from Africa is “The Giant Pumpkin” or “Feegba.”  It’s on my album Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta SPOOKY that covers a host of global folk tales celebrating Hallowe’en., as well as some other spooktacular songs


SPOOKY includes 18 spooky stories and songs for growing goosebumps. Ages 6 and up ONLY. Take a look at the lyrics and find more HERE


MISTER JONES’ BONES ©1996 Katherine Dines.


There’s a haunted house at the end of our street

By an old graveyard and a dead oak tree

Where mean Mister Jones was buried alive

When his cellar caved in one Halloween night,

His cellar caved in one Halloween night



Some say his body has never been found

And his ghost still moans and wanders around

So Pete, my best friend, and I made a pact

To trick or treat there without turning back,

To trick or treat there without turning back-NOBODY’S HOME…


So, Halloween night by the light of the moon

We snuck to the house in our spooky costumes

Scared as the Devil, we stood on the porch

And dared each other to knock on the door,

We dared each other to knock on the door- NOBODY’S HOME…


There wasn’t a sound ‘cept the whisper of wind

‘Til the hinges creaked and the door swung in

We squeaked “Trick or Treat,” and Pete grabbed my arm

When a jack o’ lantern suddenly lit up the dark,

A jack o’ lantern suddenly lit up the dark- NOBODY’S HOME…


We followed that light to a big living room

With a crackling fire and orange balloons

Then we saw a ghost with glittery hair

And a skeleton rocking on a rickety chair,

A skeleton rocking on a rickety chair- NOBODY’S HOME…


The ghost passed treats from a grave on the floor

Then moaned, “Jones’ bones will show you the door!”

The skeleton stood and both of us shrieked, Ahhhhhhh!

When the mask fell off and we saw underneath:

It was my big sister playing Trick or Treat! NOBODY’S HOME…

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