The Sounds Of Summer


With the current seemingly chaotic events happening all over our planet, there is more time to walk and play outside, slow our minds down and enjoy listening to the sounds of Summer– one of my favorite FOUR seasons (Hahaha)!  My latest CD Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta HOLIDAYS Songs and Stories that Celebrate Global Light, has several songs on it that celebrate the sun.  Humans could not exist without the sun, so here’s a song about the sun and the impact it had on our ancestors—and still has on us today.

This week, June 20, 2020 marks the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere:  Summer Solstice.  So let’s discover some of the sounds of summer!

Birds chirping: What is your favorite bird? Can you recognize its sound? I love the way birds communicate! They each have their own language that translates into beautiful music and song. If you were a bird, which one would you be? Watch this video to learn about some of the different species and their sounds:

Bicycles Whirling: In the Summer, fresh air is the BEST! One great way to go outside and be active is biking! I love to bike through different neighborhoods, parks and on mountain trails and to feel the wind rush by all around me.  I especially like the whirling sounds the wheels make as they roll over different textures of dirt, mud, gravel and pavements.

Splashing Water: When the temperature rises, it’s time to head for the cooling comfort of water.  Maybe it’s a bucket of water in your backyard.  A public pool.  A mountain lake.  A bathtub.  A puddle from a sprinkler. It makes no difference. Whenever you are close to water, what sounds do you hear? A dog or cat lapping water? The quiet splash of the perfect dive? The loud BOOM of a belly flop? Giggling and gurgling? The pitter patter of kicking legs? Water provides a great stage for summertime sounds.


Rain Falling: Sometimes Summer brings rain. The sound and smell of rain hitting pavement is unforgettable. As the droplets fall, they create their own melody and rhythm. Often, rain sounds are used to calm the mind, focus thoughts and even put people to sleep. What effect does the summer rain have on you? Check out this video to experience the sounds of rain:

Go Outside and Listen: What sounds will you be listening to on June 20, 2020?  Happy Summer, and let’s all start to listen more intently to the amazing sounds around us. Happy Solstice!

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